Come and discover the beautiful city of Clermont-Ferrand for your Bachelor Party ! It is your mission to succeed in preparing an unforgettable weekend. For this, the Escape Game is an activity that never disappoints !

At Escape Hunt, the share of the future bride and / or groom is not counted. If you are a group of 8, you will only pay for 7 players. We have 6 games rooms, so we can play simultaneous large groups.

You also have the option of renting our private room before or after your game to extend your Bachelor experience (details by phone).

  • MAIL or Phone 09 83 59 60 90
  • Players 2-30
  • Duration 1 hour and a half minimum
  • Where Escape Hunt Gare Clermont-Ferrand
  • Price for private use
    (not including game)
    9€ for 30 minutes
    18€ for 1 hour