Whether you’re in Sydney already or planning your next trip to the biggest city in Australia, the concrete maze can be be quite daunting for many travellers. From the moment you touch down, there are so many options that it leaves you spoilt for choice. For a short weekend however, finding the best activities can be like looking for a leaf in a forest.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a quick go-to list to help you enjoy the Sydney experience.

Getting Around

The first thing you think when touching down is transportation, what is the fastest and best way to get to your accommodation, food, and trip started. While Uber and car rentals are decent options, Sydney’s public transport system is comprehensive and very accessible for all locations. In which case, you’ll definitely want to get an opal card and top it up to get going!


Navigating the CBD is a breeze with train stations at every major location, from which you can transfer to ferries, buses or even hop off and get on a bike to enjoy the scenery. With some of the most scenic rides in the world, you can’t beat Sydney’s transport for value.

Feeling Thirsty?

While our southern neighbours, Melbourne wear their prided coffee scene high on their chests, Sydney has picked up on its boba/bubble tea game with stores popping up around every corner. With all these tea stores, it can be hard to distinguish the real outliers that rise above the giants of Chatime and Gongcha. That said, there are some real game-changers that will blow your world of tea:


No-Fail: Indicated in their name, you can’t go wrong with their cheese foam milk tea. Sounds crazy right? No-Fail’s been riding the wave of cheese foam milk tea since its debut in China and their range of fruit teas to milk teas make a distinct and addictive entry in this list.

CoCo: Known for their signature caramel bubble milk tea, the Taiwanese chain has been growing its loyal following across the CBD with 5 branches lined up along George St and Broadway.

The Moment: Once you get a sip of their fruit tea, the moment is a revelation. The hidden gem is tucked away in a little corner of Sussex St and gives off the vibe of an artisan cafe with its glass towers and open layout.

Feast Like a King

Sydney is a melting pot of cultures, bringing in all kinds of cuisines, inspirations and talent together in one place for some of the best food and restaurants in Australia.


Leave it to Sydney! With some of the best ocean produce in the world, Sydney boasts a huge range of Japanese eateries, restaurants and bars. Starting with the ramen craze, joints like Gaku and Ichibandori are breaking barriers, combining modern technique and hyper-regional ingredients in creating some brilliant bowls of noodles. In contrast, Sokyo and Raita Noda are at the forefront of sushi-scape in Australia, bringing even more attention to our unique produce.


Burn Off Those Calories!

Feeling stuffed? What better way to burn some of it off than putting your head and wits to the test. They say friendships are the best ships, put them to the test in our escape rooms and see if they sink or swim! Escape Hunt Sydney boasts some of the best facilities available in Australia with unique campaigns including Robbery in the Cottage, The Bank of Australia Heist and coming soon, The Young Wizard’s Quest.


Get Some Sun

It’s not too far-fetched to say Sydney has the best beaches in the world. Especially after grabbing a wholesome feed, you might just want to pass by your trip by soaking some sun and waves on Sydney’s beaches. As iconic as Bondi Beach is, if you’re looking for relaxation, Bronte Beach, Coogee Beach and Manly Beach make excellent choices to spend the rest of your time.


Getting the Real Outdoors

If you’re looking to be more in touch with nature, go for a hike! The most notable is the Royal National Park’s coastal track, stretching 27 kilometres, the walk offers a sprawling view of the ocean expanse across the whole trail in addition to featuring several swimming spots and beaches.


Looking For Your Next Adventure? Visit Sydney!

With an amalgamation of cultures, exquisite food and a breathtaking landscape to match, Sydney is like no other place in the world. Whether you’re just looking for a short trip away or trying to spice up your weekend, Sydney offers something different for everyone. Take a step out and find your adventure in Sydney.

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