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Why you should check out Escape Hunt Sydney

If you are keen to enjoy some time at a unique, fascinating and adventurous place, then escape rooms make a perfect option. Escape Hunt Sydney is a perfect combination of a mysterious adventure that needs to be solved using real life interaction. Our escape rooms are uniquely designed to provide a challenging yet fun experience for everyone… read more


Improve Team Spirit with Escape Hunt Sydney’s Team Building Events

Escape Hunt Sydney’s team building events offer an opportunity to unearth the power of your employees as a team. “One person can be a crucial ingredient in the team, but one person cannot make a team”. This quotation is aptly applicable in the corporate world. As an individual, you may not be so powerful but as a team, your power multiplies… read more


A weekender’s guide to Sydney

Whether you’re in Sydney already or planning your next trip to the biggest city in Australia, the concrete maze can be be quite daunting for many travellers. From the moment you touch down, there are so many options that it leaves you spoilt for choice. For a short weekend however, finding the best activities can be like looking for a leaf in a forest.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a quick go-to list to help you enjoy the Sydney experience…read more