EH Dark Site Alert

Escape Hunt is temporarily closed, due to recommendations by Judge Hidalgo in Harris County. This is a voluntary decision by Escape Hunt, we want to make sure that we keep you safe. Please keep an eye on our website and your email for re-opening information!


In the meantime, we have created 4 at-home games for you to play with your friends and family!

Play our new games HERE!


Escape Hunt

125 W Gray St #100, Houston, TX 77019
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Find us in Houston’s Midtown area. Just a few blocks west of highway 45. Typing ‘Escape Hunt Houston’ into your GPS instead of the address will be the easiest way to locate us.


Your email confirmation will provide important information and detailed parking instructions. Alternatively click here to see Parking Instructions.

Opening Hours


That way you can enjoy the full Escape Hunt experience without any rush.

We can lock away your valuables

Got bags, phones or laptops? We’ve got somewhere for you to store them.

What happens on the Hunt, stays on the Hunt

We humbly beg you not to share the secrets of your escape. Oh, and no pictures please!