Team Building


Our Team Building package is perfect for getting your team together and putting them in an environment where they can have a great time whilst also get to know and understand their team mates better. It also gives them the opportunity to let your hair down with colleagues. If your hardworking staff deserve a special reward for a job well done then nothing beats the exhilaration of Escape Hunt. Have teams play head-to-head against each other to see who escapes first!

We have 7 indoor rooms that takes up to 60 minutes to complete the mission with a capacity of 50 people in a single session:

  • 6 person rooms: Lost Treasure of Captain Black Jack, Wizard’s Quest,  Aladdin and the Magic Vault, Alice In Puzzleland, Curse of the Pharaoh
  • 10 person rooms: Wild Western Jailbreak, Legend of the Sword


Alternatively our Team Social Outdoors package is great for getting the team out and about while still having a fun and exciting time. Step outdoors and explore Fremantle Perth during an incredible adventure that blurs reality and fiction using a combination of augmented reality and geolocation technology. Teams venture off on an exciting mission complete with iPad and Action Pack solving puzzles around Fremantle, including approximately 2kms walking.

Choose from 2 outdoor adventures that takes up to 90 minutes to complete with a capacity of 30 people in a single session:

  • Return to Wonderland
  • Time Cops


  • 1 hour game (one indoor session) / 2 hour (two indoor sessions) / 1.5 hours (one outdoor session)
  • Team photos including dress up props and boards against our photo wall
  • Event planners and game host

Download Team Building Packages

  • Players 6-50
    (max. 50 for indoor)
  • Duration 1.5 - 2.5 hours
  • Team Social - 1 Session per person $40
  • Team Social - 2 Sessions per person $76
  • Team Social - Outdoors per person $35
  • Package benefits Dedicated organiser.
    Flexible numbers up
    until 2 days before.