1.1 These are the terms and conditions on which you join us on an Escape Hunt.

1.2 Please read these terms carefully before you submit your booking to us. These terms tell you who we are, how we will provide the Escape Hunt experience to you, how you and we may change or end the contract, what to do if there is a problem and other important information.

1.3 Please note that, if you are making the booking on behalf of others in your group, it is your responsibility to ensure that these additional players agree to these terms and are in receipt of all relevant information relating to the booking. Escape Hunt shall not be responsible if members of your group are unable to participate in an Escape Hunt as a result of you failing to provide them with all the relevant information.


2.1 We are Escape Hunt Adelaide, and can be contacted at Level 3, 133 Rundle Mall, Adelaide, South Australia, 5000, on 8223 7770 or [email protected]

2.2 If we must contact you we will do so by telephone or by writing to you at the email address provided to us in your order.


3.1 Our acceptance of your booking will take place when your payment is processed successfully, at which point a contract will come into existence between you and us. We will also send you an email confirmation.

3.2 If we are unable to accept your booking, for example because of limitations on our resources, we will inform you of this in writing and will make alternative arrangements with you.


4.1 We will deliver the Escape Hunt experience to you on the date specified in the booking confirmation email that we sent you.

4.2 Before participation in the Escape Hunt experience all participants may be required to complete and sign a liability waiver. Any participant who does not complete and sign the liability waiver will not be permitted to participate in the Escape Hunt experience and shall not be due any refund.

4.3 You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to contact us regarding the suitability of our games for any health or disability issues that you may be concerned about.

4.4 Please note that, unfortunately, no-one under the age of seven (7) may take part in the Escape Hunt experience.

4.5 Also, any participants over the age of seven (7) but under the age of sixteen (16) must be accompanied by a person aged 16 (sixteen) or over. You will not be entitled to a refund for places not filled as a result of these age restrictions.


5.1 Escape Hunt is a live experience. Once a booking is made, you have secured private access to that room for that time slot and we are unable to offer that session to any other players. Bookings are therefore final subject to management discretion and there are no refunds offered. We strongly suggest that if you are unsure as to your final numbers, that you book a 2-player game, and pay for your remaining players on the day.

5.2 Bookings may be rescheduled up to 1 week prior (2 weeks for function bookings) to your booking date, at the discretion of management.

5.3 Bookings will not be refunded or rescheduled if you do not arrive for your allocated booking time. Any fee paid will be deemed a cancellation fee. Please therefore check your booking date and time carefully


6.1 In certain circumstances, including but not limited to power failure or evacuation procedures, we may need to cancel your booking. If we do so we will use reasonable endeavours to contact you as soon as possible. You shall be entitled to a full refund of the price you paid at the time of booking. Alternatively, you may reschedule your booking for another date.

6.2 Similarly, we may make changes to the Escape Hunt experience such that it differs from that as advertised when you booked. If the changes we make are significant, we will use reasonable endeavours to contact you as soon as possible. In such circumstances, should you not wish to proceed with your booking, you shall be due a full refund of the price you paid at the time of booking.

6.3 In the circumstances set out in 6.3.1 to 6.3.2 we may cancel this agreement and reserve the right to terminate a game at any time. In these circumstances you shall not be due a refund:

6.3.1 if, in the opinion of any of Escape Hunt’s staff, you or any participants are intoxicated or are behaving in an aggressive, abusive or threatening way towards either Escape Hunt staff or any other customers; or

6.3.2 you or any participants do not participate in the Escape Hunt experience in accordance with the safety rules and advice provided to you by members of our staff prior to, or during, the Escape Hunt experience.


7.1 All our service staff at events and functions will be fully trained in the Responsible Service of Alcohol. We reserve the right therefore, to refuse service to any minors, or any anyone who may appear to be intoxicated. Should service be refused to an individual, they will be required to leave the premises.

7.2 We reserve the right to refuse game play or remove anyone from the premises engaging in inappropriate, dangerous or damaging behaviour.


To inform us that you would like to cancel your booking with us, please use the contact details set out on the website of the branch with which you made the booking.


9.1 The price of your booking (which includes GST) will be the price indicated on the booking and payment pages of our website at the time you place your booking. Once your payment has been processed, we will also send you an email receipt confirming how much you paid. We reserve the right to change pricing at any time. To the extent that we do amend the price, the price paid for any booking prior to the price change will be unaffected and you will not be due a refund or required to pay any additional sums.

9.2 To the extent that you bring less players to the Escape Hunt experience than booked, the price difference will not be refunded. Please note that there may be a minimum number of players for any game. Please check the relevant branch’s details for more information.

9.3 In case you have brought more players to the experience than booked, the price difference can be settled upon arrival. Please note that there may be a maximum number of players for any game. Please check the relevant branch’s details for more information.

9.4 We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express credit and debit cards. Payment must be at the time of booking.

9.5 Payment for function bookings are outlined specifically in the Group Booking Terms & Conditions. Any conditions outlined in our other documentation are in addition to those terms listed here.


10.1 We will not be held responsible for any loss, theft, damage or injury incurred before, during or after a game or function. Escape Hunt is committed to safe and responsible practices and to provide a healthy and safe environment for our staff and customers at all times.

10.2 Subject to clause 10.1 our total liability to you, howsoever arising under or in connection with the contract, shall be limited to 100% of price paid or payable by you under the contract.


11.1 We will only use the personal information you provide to us as set out in our Privacy Policy.

11.2 Escape Hunt Adelaide retains the right to contact you regarding promotional offers and may use your picture on the Escape Hunt Adelaide Facebook page or website, or for promotional purposes.


12.1 We may transfer our rights and obligations under these terms to another organisation. We will always tell you in writing if this happens and we will ensure that the transfer will not affect your rights under the contract.

12.2 This contract is between you and us. No other person shall have any rights to enforce any of its terms. Neither of us will need to get the agreement of any other person in order to end the contract or make any changes to these terms.

12.3 Each of the paragraphs of these terms operates separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful, the remaining paragraphs will remain in full force and effect.

12.4 If we do not insist immediately that you do anything you are required to do under these terms, or if we delay in taking steps against you in respect of your breaking this contract, that will not mean that you do not have to do those things and it will not prevent us taking steps against you at a later date.

12.5 These terms are governed by the law of South Australia.


Escape Hunt is committed to providing a high-quality service to its customers and we really hope you enjoy your Escape Hunt experience. However, if you are unhappy about any part of our service we would like to hear from you. You can contact us at [email protected] with details of your complaint. We will endeavour to get back to you within 7 working days.