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We’re excited to let you know that our doors are now UNLOCKED! Click here to book your adventure. As a reminder here’s how we’ve made it safer to play. We look forward to welcoming you and your social bubble soon! Remember our Play at Home games are still available for you to enjoy.


At Escape Hunt our immersive, five-star rated escape rooms are at the heart of
our corporate offering. We’ve designed a range of accredited, gamified, 360°
solutions for employee engagement to enable you to retain, reward and recruit
the very best employees.



Thinking of holding your next team meeting away from the office? Then Escape Hunt is the place to pick, with a combination of corporate meeting room facilities and game play that’ll make it an away day to remember. 

Players 6-36
Duration 2+ hrs
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For those looking for a totally unique and memorable L&D experience. A bespoke program will be built around the needs of your team or company, unlocking a one-of-a-kind learning and development experience for your staff.

Players 6+
Duration 2hrs+
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For employees who deserve more than just a ‘thank you’. Reward your best assets with an Escape Hunt voucher, that can be redeemed at any location, at any time. A buzz-giving, immersive entertainment experience for your staff.


Be the best by attracting the best. Our recruitment solution has both storytelling and gamification at its core, making it a highly engaging experience for all involved. Assessed immersive gameplay showcases skills such as collaboration, working under time pressure and leadership, to name just a few.