Birthday Parties


Host your next party at Escape Hunt and give your friends the thrill of a lifetime. From invites to food, drinks and even a birthday cake, we’ve got the hard work covered. As for escaping, well, that’s up to you!

What’s included?

Regular booking (minimum 2 players)

– 60min exhilarating gameplay

– 30 mins for a free drink per person (soft drinks, beer, coffee,…)

– Costumes to take photos of real detective, in our photocall

– Potato chips (only for children’s parties)

– You can bring your cake from home

What’s included?

Exclusivity (minimum 20 players)

– 60min exhilarating gameplay

– 90 mins reserved lounge area

– One free drink per person (soft drinks, beer, coffee,…)

– One free glass of Cava Brut Nature for adults

– A workshop of pins and detective licenses for children

– Possibility of live music

– Possibility of giant screen for movies, choreographies,…

– Possibility of catering and/or cake

– Possibility of extra time


To find out more, take a look at our events packs or call us on +34 93 461 82 22 to create a bespoke party package that’ll make your friends insanely jealous.

  • or call us
  • Players 2 - 68 (minimum 20 players for exclusivity)
  • Duration 2.5 hours
  • First 20 players per person 35€
  • 21 - 34 players per person 30€
  • 35+ players per person 20€