That way you can enjoy the full Escape Hunt experience without any rush.


Anything you bring you can keep with you in the room. Though no phones during the game please!


We humbly beg you not to share the secrets of your escape. Oh, and no pictures please!


Accessibility Information Pack

We love puzzles, excitement, and adventure – and we want everyone enjoy the fun of escape games! We know that everybody has different accessibility requirements, so we have put together Accessibility Information Packs that explains in detail how each escape game experience may be impacted by different accessibility limitations. Please read our Accessibility Information page for full details.

Do you accept companion cards?

Yes! If you carry a current companion card you are eligible for free entry to Escape Hunt Brisbane. Please contact us to arrange a booking using a companion card.

For full accessibility information, please read our Accessibility Information Page.

Can I play if I am epileptic?

We don’t use any special effects that could affect people with epilepsy, so you are most welcome to play.

For full accessibility information, please read our Accessibility Information Page.

Can I play if I’m claustrophobic?

Absolutely. Our games rooms are decently sized and well lit, the door is never actually locked and our game masters are on hand, so you can step out at any time.

For full accessibility information, please read our Accessibility Information Page.

Can I play if I’m pregnant or with a baby in a pram?

Of course – the more the merrier! Our games are completely safe and the door is not actually locked so you can step out at any time. If you are planning to bring a pram, please give us a ring and let us know before hand so we can make sure the best game room is set aside for you.

For full accessibility information, please read our Accessibility Information Page.

Is your venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes, most of our rooms are wheelchair accessible and we have a wheelchair accessible bathroom. If someone in your group uses a wheelchair, please get in touch and let us know before hand so we can make sure the best game room is set aside for you.

For full accessibility information, please read our Accessibility Information Page.


How do I book with a voucher?

It depends on what sort of voucher you have.

If you’re unsure, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Can I get a refund if someone doesn’t turn up?

Unfortunately not, we don’t provide refunds if someone doesn’t turn up. However, if you can give us 24 hours notice that someone can no longer make it, we’ll be happy to refund for that person.

Can I add an extra person to the booking?

Certainly, you can add an extra person to the booking as long as you don’t end up with more than 6 people in the room. If possible, it’s best to let us know before you come so we can get it organised for you.

I need to change my booking, is there a charge?

Things change, we understand. If you give us 24 hours notice, we are happy to reschedule your booking, refund your booking or refund just the cost of individuals if some can no longer attend. Please give us a call on 07 3217 2482 and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Is there an age limit?

No, all ages are welcome to play at Escape Hunt. Children under the age of 7 are admitted for free but must be accompanied by a parent / guardian at all times. For safety, and as some of our puzzles can be tricky, there does need to be at least one person 15 years or older in the room. Please note that children under 12 will likely have trouble with some of the puzzles.

Can I play with a large group?

You are welcome to book for groups of between 2-6 per game, however we recommend a max of 5 people for the best experience. If you have more than 6 you can book multiple rooms and have a friendly head-to-head race!

How long does each Escape Hunt last?

The whole experience lasts around 90 minutes. You’ll spend around 60 minutes in the room (in fact that’s the maximum time you’ve got in which to escape). Before that there’s a quick briefing to explain everything, and afterwards there’s the chance to get your team photo taken.

What are your opening times?

Please check our Find Us page for our current opening hours. Our hours change depending on the time of the year – we open longer during school holidays.

What exactly is Escape Hunt?

Think of Escape Hunt as the closest thing to starring in a brilliantly plotted escape movie. You and your team mates get locked in a themed room and have to find and solve a series of clues in order to escape. The pressure’s on, the clock’s ticking, the adrenaline’s pumping. Escape Hunt isn’t something you watch, it’s something you experience – right in the heart of the action. We make you earn your freedom, throwing all manner of devious and dastardly red herrings, dead ends and misdirections your way. It’s completely immersive, utterly addictive and totally entertaining.


Is there a dress code?

Black tie/ball gown, obviously! No, just kidding – come as you are, although we do suggest comfortable clothing and footwear is required.

Do you serve food and beverages?

We do not serve food unless you make an event booking. Please get in contact with us for details. There is water available.

Can I purchase a gift voucher?

Of course! Visit our gift vouchers page for the details.

Outdoor Game Info

Can kids play an outdoor game?

Our outdoor escapes are fantastic for younger players!

For safety reasons, however, all games require one players who is 18 years or older to supervise.

Please note that you will be out in public for the duration of your game, navigating public streets and locations. Your designated over-18 will need to feel comfortable supervising all younger members of the group out in public.

How long does it go for?

Each team is given a maximum of 2 hours to complete their outdoor escape.

Our outdoor games take you on a 2km walk around West End and South Brisbane. The total time it takes you to complete the game will be dependent on your walking speed, how quickly you find the puzzle locations, and how quickly you solve the puzzles.

How does it work?

Meeting at Escape Hunt, our Game Masters will brief you on how the game works, and the safety rules.

You will be given a tablet and an action pack (a small case containing extra puzzle elements), before heading out into West End.

Your tablet will guide you to different locations, where you will have to solve puzzles by observing your environment, and maybe using items from your action pack!

After solving a series of puzzles at different locations, you will return to Escape Hunt Brisbane to complete your game, celebrate with our Game Masters, and grab a team photo!

What is an outdoor game / city hunt?

An ‘City Hunt’ is like a scavenger hunt meets an escape room!

You will be walking through West End and South Brisbane, using the environment to solve puzzles as you go!