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About The Escape Hunt Experience

the ultimate live escape game

The Escape Hunt Experience is a fantastic global entertainment franchise offering unique “escape the room” adventures to the public and corporate clients all over the world.  We have more branches around the world than any other company, everywhere from Sydney to Paris and Tokyo to Houston. We are opening more all the time.  See our list of branches around the world here and learn where we are opening soon.

It all started in July 2013 when we opened the doors of our first branch in Bangkok, which to this day attracts thousands of visitors and rave reviews on TripAdvisor.  From there our success spread around the world to the point where we are now the acknowledged global leader in this fast-growing indoor entertainment industry.  We open an average of one new branch every week somewhere in the world and each one has totally different games  and a unique local feel so you can always be assured of a new experience.

Each of our franchise partners puts their passion and local style into the business and our Global Game Design Academy, located in 240 sqm of purpose built creative space in the sky in Bangkok, adds the games!  Bangkok is also the location of our Escape Hunt Operations Global Headquarters, right next to the Game Design Academy and also situated in the magnificent EmQuartier district of central Bangkok.

This global support, amazing customer service and the only escape game design academy in the world are the key components to our continued success alongside, of course, the skill and dedication of each local franchise partner.  We now have a presence in every continent and we continue to grow through a network of master and direct franchises, expanding this fun and educational indoor entertainment experience.  A testament to our close commitment to quality is the fact that so many of our branch owners became customers after playing the game in a branch!


a truly unique experience

We offer a mini theme park, role playing indoor entertainment experience based on the classic “escape the room” games now popular in many places around the world but taken to a whole new level! Some call it “experiential entertainment”, others call it “escape the room”, others “exit rooms” and some “puzzle room games” – we call it the best fun you can possibly have with your friends, colleagues or loved ones!

Escape Hunt Operations Ltd owns and operates the global business and works to the highest possible standards with the following mission statement:

  • Excellence in game design with constant innovation – we have the only Game Design Academy in the world based in Bangkok where we make all our games and think up all our new game concepts.  We have already made over 280 games and counting!
  • Latest technology in every game – we have the only escape game Technology Design Centre in the world based in Thessaloniki where we design and produce the latest in-game gadgets we call EH Magic!
  • Highest possible customer service at every branch – you get a true 5 star experience in all our game centres with a luxury lounge, refreshments and photo opportunities.  Over 26 million game minutes can’t be wrong…
  • Total commitment to franchisee and branch support – we have grown to be the world leader with game centres in every continent and sub-continent by offering unrivalled branch franchise support.

Capital A for AMAZING!

Had a really good time there! The staff are super friendly! And it really challenges you! We went with a group of two couples and had lots of fun! Was very good would recommend to everyone who is looking for a fun activity…  Rickstar62

TripAdvisor – Bangkok Branch – October 16th, 2015.

a unique test of your wits

The Escape Hunt Experience is proud to take inspiration from great online computer games such as Myst and Crimson Room, popular in the early 2000s, yet offer something totally unique. We offer a true “experience” with lots more entertainment, where you are transported to another era and play the part of a famous London detective with your colleagues trying to solve a unique mystery. As a team, you play against the clock in one of our rooms to solve the challenge and thereby find your escape. Our adventures last around 90 minutes – you are greeted before and briefed, play the game with the help of our talented game masters, then after the 60 minute game you can chat about your experience in our lounge area over refreshments as well – as dress up in our special outfits for photos!

The Escape Hunt Experience is unique and unlike any other adventure game anywhere in the world for many reasons, not least:

  • our adventures are themed to each location with different games in each game centre which change regularly
  • all adventures are available from only 2 players upwards in a private room for your group
  • you have your own dedicated multi-lingual, skilled game master to assist you
  • there is a luxury lounge in each location with refreshments and free wifi
  • after the game you can dress up and take photos in our special costumes with your game master
  • your game master is your personal guide throughout the whole experience offering just enough help when you need it
  • we have special high quality souvenir merchandise for sale at reasonable prices in every branch

great fun for all

Branches have varying opening hours but most are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year from early til late. We take groups from 2 – 5 players and larger groups can play against each other in 2 identical rooms. Some branches take very large groups.  We offer fantastic corporate events here.

playtime for all ages

Prices are very reasonable, varying by group size and we allow children of 7 years and up but there must always be one player over 16 years. Most of all it is fantastic challenging indoor fun for all ages and ability levels giving you memories you will treasure for many years!  See all branches here.

A Global brand

We have branches open and constantly opening all over the world so please come and play with us soon near you or on your next holiday.  Remember that the games are different locally themed adventures and change regularly in each of our locations!  See all branches here.

careers with us

The Escape Hunt Experience all started in Bangkok and still keeps a large global support and design team there. There are other locations around the world where we operate support and design. Careers are available in all of these locations and our rapid growth means we are constantly hiring here.