Return a stolen amulet to the pharaoh’s tomb or be cursed for all time!

Egypt, 1922. Step into the Valley of the Kings, where an ancient curse has been unleashed and a fearsome mummy roams the land.

Archeologists have prized open a pharaoh’s tomb and taken something that does not belong to them: a sacred amulet filled with the devastating power of the old Gods.

But taking the amulet has unleashed a power they cannot control. A walking curse in the form of a hideous mummy. This creature now stalks the land taking revenge on all who desecrated its master’s tomb. 

Your only hope is to lead a team of adventurers into the heart of the pharaoh’s lair, return the amulet to its rightful owner, and break the curse before it’s too late…

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  • How many 2 - 6
  • How long 60 minutes
  • How old Adults must accompany U16s in the room PG (8+)
  • Wheelchair access Please call venue to confirm details No