This is an outdoor game.


We are the Vampire Hunters, and we need you! Your sacred task – to rid the world of the vampire scourge!

Once every hundred years the Vampire Barons descend on Lisbon and take part in a ritual: the ‘Season of Blood’. There they will feast on the blood of innocents, gathering strength, so they may resurrect their lord and master – the Vampire King! 

But while they feast, the King is vulnerable. To get to him you must join the Vampire Hunters around Lisbon and vanquish his many Barons, each one holding a key to his location. Do that, and we may finally have the chance to rid the world of this evil once and for all!

Hurry, the Vampire Barons are desperate to quench their thirst.



Practical Information

Our city hunt adventures are suitable for players of all ages. Due to the nature of gameplay, children under 8 play for free but must be accompanied by 2 paying players. All under 16s must have an adult (over 18) in their team.

Once you arrive for your City Hunt adventure you will be set up with an iPad and a picnic hamper filled with everything you should need to complete your adventure. After the safety briefing you will be given your assignment and the clock begins. Please note that this outdoor game takes you on approximately a 2km walk around the city centre, so we advise wearing comfortable footwear.

Don’t forget, after 90 minutes it’s game over.

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  • How many 2 – 6
  • How long 90 minutes
  • How old U16s must be accompanied by an adult PG (10+)
  • Wheelchair access Please call venue to confirm details Yes
  • 2 players 17,50€ per person 35€
  • 3 players 15€ per person 45€
  • 4 players 13,75€ per person 55€
  • 5 players 13€ per person 65€
  • 6 players 12,50€ per person 75€