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5* Team building activities no matter where you are


This adventure not only allows the teams to escape their day to day problems, as it makes possible to enter a world of fantasy, while upgrading the team work skills and their critical and logical thinking. The Escape Hunt activities can be played on site, Outdoors or remotely, and they allow multiple teams to play together.

Motivate players and teams

Play from anywhere around the world

5* experiences

Head to head competitive gameplay

Team Building

Our Team Building activities will be the talk of the office for months. With 3 different themes and 4 rooms on site, plus two Outdoor games in the downtown of Lisbon, this will be the activity to chose if you want to reward your hardworking staff with a thrilling experience!

Outdoor Games

Discover Lisbon and Escape Hunt´s newest Outdoor adventures, where reality and fiction blend together in a combination of tecnology and the sights around. Between signing up for the Time Cops Elite in a mission to save Lisbon, or Stepping into the other side of the mirror to the Wonderland, and helping the white bunny to recover its inhabitants, the choice is yours and the cenario is the same – Lisbon´s beautiful downtown!

Remote digital adventures

Games designed for the Virtual World where teams work together to play a digital adventure to achieve their mission, guided by their expert Games Master host.


Boosts team spirit

No one can escape alone. Get your teams working together creatively, developing key communication skills.


Inclusive fun for everyone

No more team-building dread; Escape Hunt is a break from the sports and the singing. Give everyone a chance to shine and develop skills.


Premium hosting

Our expert event organisers and games masters will, create an experience you’ll be proud to share with your colleagues.

Full flexibility

Choose between an hour’s team building activity or a whole day’s Escape Hunt experience.


5 star rated games

Stuck for highly-rated team-building ideas? This one will get your workforce talking for years to come.


Location to suit you

We offer team events to suit your company working requirements. From outdoor adventures to remote events we’ve got a solution for you.