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Pack Exclusive + Team Building

Does your team always play to its strengths, or are there times when your group just doesn’t gel?

Invite your team to an away day, where you play a theatrical game designed for teambuilding – “The Damned House of Gràcia”.

Solve enigmas towards a common goal, all guided by a first-rate actor. Then, put your learnings to the test in a 60min escape room challenge.



– 60 min exhilarating escape room challenge

– 60 min team building game

– Drinks (soft drinks, beer, coffees,…)

– Guaranteed confidentiality

– OPTIONAL 90 minutes exclusive branch hire


For more info, download our corporate events pack or call us on +34 93 461 82 22 and we can help create a bespoke event that’s right for you.

  • Email us or call us +34 93 461 82 22
  • Players 20 - 68
  • Duration 2.5 - 3.5 hours
  • Price (per person) 50€ + IVA
  • 20*-34 people *In lower groups, the amount will be for 20 pax. 2.5 hours
  • 35-68 people 3.5 hours