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Virtual Assessment Centers

Put gamification at the heart of your virtual recruitment process showcasing participants in their natural state allowing understanding of strengths, weaknesses, self and role within a team. We’ll be there to games master the whole event leaving you the time to assess your recruits. We’ll record the session and send to you post gameplay for your future reference.


Minimal event planning
Attractive recruitment process with a fun and immersive activity
Great icebreaker
Low touch/investment
Simple to execute
Ability to review multiple candidates (via dial in)
Skills assessed: Verbal communication, negotiation, critical thinking, time pressured thinking, IQ vs EQ

What you need

Desktop/laptop device (phones/tablets can be used, but not recommended due to screen size)
Zoom link/software
Internet connection
Notepad/pen to make note of the room surroundings

How to play

Book your game
We’ll send you a confirmation email, Zoom link and game information
We’ll record and share the session with you within 24 hours of the assessment centre

Games to choose from

Five Eyes

A remote digital adventure
Teams of 6

Alice In Puzzleland

A remote escape room
Teams of 6

Blackbeard's Treasure

A remote escape room
Teams of 6

Doctor Who: Worlds Collide

A remote escape room
Teams of 6

The Fourth Samurai

A remote escape room
Teams of 6

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