Can I reserve a date/time?

Yes, you can reserve a date and time with 50% deposit. To guarantee your date and time we will require full payment 2 weeks before your event. Please speak to our sales team for other options.

Can I make changes to my booking after it’s booked?

You can increase the number of your teams up to 48 hours before your booking.

Can I pay by invoice??

Yes, we’re able to issue invoices.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

We don’t offer a refund for cancelled event, please speak with the events team for more information.


Can we choose our own teams?

You can choose your own teams for an added personalisation cost per team.

How many players per team?

Minimum 2 players, maximum 6 players per team.

What is the maximum number of players at one time?

We have hosted corporate events for thousands of people so please get in touch for your events no matter the size.


Can the app be downloaded from any country?

Our games have been enjoyed globally by corporates. We will always send through necessary links for testing pre-game if required.

What devices do we need?

  • Desktop/laptop device with internet connection
  • Zoom software — download here. Also available in browser.
  • Internet connection.

You also need to make sure IT department doesn’t have any firewalls preventing you from playing our games.

Can we use our preferred hosting platform?

We prefer to use Zoom for optimum experience, but we can work with your preferred platform including Microsoft Teams.

Do we all have the same view of the game, or does one person share their screen?

You will all have your own view of the game; you can see what your other team members see.

Other Questions We’re Often Asked

Can people watch and not play?

Yes, but we still recommended teams of no more than 6.

How will I tell everyone about the event?

Our events team will take care of everything. We will send clear steps that need to be taken before the event including downloading of relevant software e.g., Zoom link.

We also have a communications package add on if you want to get colleagues excited.

What language are the games in?

All our games are in English but please talk to our sales team about personalised translations.

Do we find out the winners?

Winners will be announced at the end of gameplay. We’ll also send through your team scorecard so you can send to colleagues after the event.

Can the host make any special announcements?

Yes, we want to make your experience as personal as possible so please let your event planner know any special announcements.

Can we modify the game in any way?

We can modify your gaming experience with personalised introductions however gameplay isn’t modified.

How long does the experience last?

Our events last between 60-150mins depending on the game your team chooses to play and the level of pre- and post-hosting.

What if someone turns up late to the event?

All players must turn up 5 minutes before the start of the game otherwise they might miss out on their team adventure.

Can we organise a demo to help us decide?

Yes, we have videos to find out more about the games and for you to send to your colleagues. If you still need a game demo, we can organise with our events team.