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Escape Hunt Groningen has a unique and advanced climate system. Six times better than what is required by the “Bouwbesluit” (official building rules) with a capacity of 3600 m3/hr instead of 600 m3/hr. This system allows for the air in the game rooms to be completely renewed every 5 minutes.

Despite the above, unfortunately this is not a reason to make an exception on the Dutch COVID-19 action and we still have to respect the social distancing of 1,5 meters. In our game rooms this is not feasible and regrettably we are not allowed to re-open yet. We thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

There is one exception: For those living in the same household (and children age 10 -12) we can offer the Escape Hunt Experience. Students not included.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact [email protected]



Experience the excitement of Escape Hunt in combination with a nice business lunch. Enjoy three different sandwiches, soup, a small dessert and fresh orange juice, coffee or tea. On request we can change the menu to your wishes. After lunch the challenge starts! Can your team escape? After the game you can have a chat in our lounge with a cup of coffee or tea. This arrangement can only be booked before our first game, this will be around 13:00. Other times are on request.



– A dedicated Games Master to co-ordinate your event

– 60 mins escape game play

– Exclusive 30 mins brief and debrief in our corporate lounge

– Unlimited tea, coffee and water

– Three sandwiches per person

– Soup

– Small dessert

– Fresh orange juice


For more info call us on 050-8517800 and we can help create a bespoke event that’s right for you.

  • Email us or call us 050-8517800
  • Players 20+
  • Duration 2 hours
  • Price (per person) Only available for booking as addition
    to first game of day at 13:00.
    (Other times by request)