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Visit our website and see the availability!  Our starting times have changed cause the COVID-19 measurements. BOOK HERE, use our contactform, send us a WhatsApp or e-mail us : [email protected] (also for questions and booking changes)!
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Who wouldn’t love to receive a gift voucher for the most exciting experience they’ll have all year? Sad people whose favourite colour is beige, that’s who. Anyone with an ounce of personality would be delighted with such an unusual present – it even comes in a Gift Box!

The gift box can be ordered in the following amounts:

  • € 35 (1 person)
  • € 69 (2 people)
  • € 92.50 (3 people)
  • € 108 (4 people)
  • € 110 (5 people)

The gift box voucher is valid for 12 months after issue. Shipping costs are € 3.80.

If you prefer to purchase a digital gift voucher (without a gift box), please contact us!

So go ahead, make their day with a cool gift box from Escape Hunt, and guarantee your place in the gift-giving Hall of Fame.