Why not hold your next team meeting away from the office?

There is strong evidence that fun, game-based play enhances collaborative learning and creates opportunities for positive employee engagement.

An Escape Hunt game experience can be a brilliant springboard for your own team development discussions, for sparking creativity of simply a great way to round off a day of off-site presentations with a fun team experience.



– Fully customised experiences that meet your unique needs.

– 5 games rooms offering 4 different adventures; the Law & Disorder case has two rooms installed identically so teams can race each other. First team to escape, wins!

– 1.5 to 3+ hr packages with exclusive use of our premises. Large, comfortable lounge area with complimentary tea & biscuits. Catering options are also available.

– No strenuous physical activity involved.

– Our games are designed to be challenging but solvable with good teamwork, observation, problem-solving and communication

– Dedicated game masters to co-ordinate your event.

– Conveniently located in the CBD (near the corner of Queen St and Little Bourke St).


For more info, download our corporate events pack or call us on 03 9600 1086 and we can help create a bespoke event that’s right for you.

  • Email us or call us 03 9600 1086
  • Players 15+
  • Duration 1.5 - 3 hours
  • 1.5 hours (per person) 1 x Game session per participant $39
  • 3 hours (per person) 2 x Game sessions per participant $69