Welcome Candidates! Does your team have what it takes to pass the Five Eyes entrance exam and join the most formidable spy organization in the world?

An entrance exam like no other, Five Eyes is a totally scalable multiplayer event which tests mental agility, lateral thinking, and teamwork under pressure. The test is simple. Each question wins you points. The more difficult the question the more points. The team to finish with the most points wins. The rest of you will have to try again next year…

Playing from anywhere, players dial into a Zoom call to meet their game masters who will facilitate a 60 or 75 min digital escape game experience. It’s the same thrill and excitement for teams who are geographically distanced. Our expert games masters will be on hand to host your full experience as you attempt to join the most elite network of spies on the planet.

per team
unlimited teams

per person

60 or 75

Hosting: live through Zoom
Play Method: LoQuiz app (downloaded on smart phone) + internet browser on computer

Our events team is on hand to answer your questions and check availability: 0414 244 013


  45 / 60 minute game (60 / 75 min full experience)

 Live hosted by expert game masters

  Game Masters on hand for hints and support

  Players can login worldwide

  Same escape game experience but remote


  • Desktop/Laptop computer
  • Smart phone
    Each player will need to download the LoQuiz app
  • Internet connection
    Website test required ahead of game to ensure all players can access game material