We have around 15 minutes of pre-adventure prep – waivers, game-rules, adventure briefings and we want you to experience Escape Hunt without any rush.


Got bags, phones or laptops? We’ll take care of them so there no need to worry.


We humbly beg you not to share the secrets of your escape. Oh, and no pictures please!


What are your opening times?

We are open 7 days a week, to see our opening times please click here.

How much does it cost?

Our indoor escape room games cost £30 per person for groups of 2-3 players, and £25 per person for groups of 4-6 players.

Our City Hunt games cost £15 per player. Under 8s can play for free but must be accompanied by 2 paying adults. Maximum 6 players per team.

Our Virtual Reality adventures cost £27 per person for groups of between 2 – 4 players.

What is the best group size?

Our escape rooms and City Hunt games are ideal for groups of between two and six. If you’ve more than six people who want to play, then why not split into two teams and have a friendly – or indeed unfriendly – head-to-head competition?

For our Virtual Reality games, we recommend a minimum of 2 players, with a suggested maximum of 4 players to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

I want to change my booking? Is there a charge?

Arrangements change, we understand. That’s why, if you can no longer make your booking, we’ll do everything we can to reschedule your game free of charge, provided the new date is within 30 days of your original booking. To find out more or change a booking, please get in touch with the Escape Hunt venue you made your booking with.

Can I add an extra person to the booking?

Certainly, you can add an extra person to the booking as long as you’re still within the maximum number of people for each game. There’s no need to let us know in advance, and they can pay when they arrive. Just remember we only accept card payments at our venues.

Can I get a refund if someone doesn’t turn up?

Unfortunately not, we don’t provide refunds if someone doesn’t play.

Do you serve drinks?

A variety of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, are available at our in-house bar within each venue. These can be enjoyed in our premium lounge and also taken into our escape rooms.

Is there a dress code? Do I need to bring anything?

Black tie/ball gown, obviously. Just kidding – come as you are, although we do suggest comfortable clothing as the games can get quite intense.

Our City Hunt games involve about 2km of walking around the city so please wear comfortable footwear.

Other than that, just your team and a set of working brains!

Escape Hunt Games

What exactly is an Escape Hunt?

Think of Escape Hunt as the closest you’re likely to get to starring in a brilliantly plotted escape movie. You and your teammates get locked in a themed room and have to find and solve a series of clues in order to escape. The pressure’s on, the clock’s ticking, the adrenaline’s pumping. Escape Hunt isn’t something you watch, it’s something you experience – right in the heart of the action. We make you earn your freedom, throwing all manner of devious and dastardly red herrings, dead ends and misdirections your way. It’s completely immersive, utterly addictive and totally entertaining. After Escape Hunt, other entertainment just feels flat.

How long does each escape room last?

The whole experience lasts around 90 minutes. You’ll spend around 15 minutes before your game completing waivers, enjoying some pre-game drinks and getting ready for your adventure, then you’ll spend around 60 minutes in the room (in fact that’s the maximum time you’ve got in which to escape). Then afterwards we invite you and your group to enjoy our lounge, in-house bar and photo opportunity space.

Am I safe in the room?

Absolutely – our games are thrilling but never, ever dangerous. Rest assured that whatever happens, you’re in safe hands. Our games masters are highly trained and very vigilant, and as you’d expect, player safety is our number one concern.

Which escape room should I play?

All our Escape Hunt games are incredibly exciting and utterly immersive, so it’s impossible for us to say. Perhaps the best solution is to play them all!

City Hunt Games

What is a City Hunt game?

Our City Hunt games unite the thrill of escape rooms with the buzz of an outdoor pursuit. Imagine an escape room with no doors, a treasure hunt with more challenges, and a city like you’ve never seen it before. Explore with our digital map, crack clues, complete puzzles and solve challenges along the way.

How long does a City Hunt game last?

Each City Hunt game lasts for between 1.5 and 2 hours, we would allow 2.5 hours for the whole experience, which includes a quick briefing before you get started, and afterwards we invite you and your group to enjoy our lounge, in-house bar and photo opportunity space.

Is the game weather dependent?

Our City Hunt games will go ahead come rain or shine so we advise that you check the weather forecast beforehand. Please come prepared for all types of weather – remember sun screen and a hat on sunny days, and we will provide you with ponchos to help keep you nice and dry on drizzlier days. 

In instances of severe wind, rain or weather warnings, we may have to cancel your game. Games are not refundable, but if cancelled due to the weather we will contact you to let you know and reschedule your game to another time. We will also offer you the option to switch to one of our indoor game rooms for a small price difference and dependent on availability.  

If you do not hear from us, then please assume your game is going ahead! 

Virtual Reality Games

What is a Virtual Reality Game?

Our Virtual Reality game is essentially a virtual escape room. You will each be kitted out with a wireless headset and backpack and transported to a virtual world, with you at its centre. Work together as a team, find and solve a series of clues and complete your mission. The virtual reality game is a fully immersive, interactive, 3D escape game experience. Sound good? We think so!

How many people can play at once?

The VR game experience is open to teams of 2-4 players.

How long does the experience last?

Our virtual reality adventures last for up to 45 minutes. We would recommend allowing an hour and a quarter for the whole experience, which includes a briefing beforehand and of course, 45 mins of epic gameplay. Afterwards, we invite you to sit back and enjoy our premium lounge and in-house bar.

What if I suffer from motion sickness / dizziness?

We have purposefully chosen a very advanced virtual reality software to try and reduce the likelihood that you will experience motion sickness or dizziness while playing the game. However, as with any motion-related activity, in rare circumstances some people might be susceptible to unexpected side effects whilst playing. Your dedicated Games Master will be keeping an eye on you throughout the game and will be able to help immediately should this occur.

What if I wear glasses?

The headsets we use have plenty of room for your glasses to fit underneath so feel free to keep them on during gameplay.

Letterbox Games

What is a Letterbox game?

Our letterbox games are delivered to your doorstop and feature immersive puzzles and captivating mysteries. They are perfect for playing around the table with your friends, family and work colleagues.

How long will my order take to be delivered?

Your order will be sent via Royal Mail and you will have the option to select your preferred delivery method at checkout.  

The options include Tracked 24 (1 working day from despatch) and Tracked 48 (2 working days from despatch). During busier periods there may be delays.  


Please note: We only ship to the UK and if you’re ordering more than 1 letterbox game, the postage price will be calculated based on size and weight. 

Do I need anything to play A Curious Tea Party?

You will need scissors, mirror, internet connection and a device (phone/tablet/laptop) 

Print and Play Games

What do I need to play a Print & Play game?

Our print & play games all require a printer and a device you can use to connect to the internet (Mobile, Tablet, Computer etc). Some of our print & play games also require a Facebook Account in order to access certain functions.


How many people do I need to play the Print & Play games?

We recommend playing with a minimum of 2 players, with a suggested maximum of 6 players to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

How long will the Print & Play games last?

Our print & play games have a suggested gaming time of 1 hour, but this may vary depending on skill level. However, they all come with the freedom to take it at your own pace.

Digital Games

What do I need to play a Digital Game?

Our digital games are web-based adventures that require a computer or laptop, along with an internet connection.

Currently, our digital games are not compatible to be played on mobile or tablet devices.

How many people do I need to play the Digital Games?

We recommend playing with a minimum of 2 players, with a suggested maximum of 4 players to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience.

What happens if I can’t solve the games?

We want everyone to enjoy our games to the fullest – if you need a little helping hand we’ve created helping hand clueing tools that are provided as part of your game.

How long do the Digital Games last?

Our Digital Games have a suggested gaming time of 1 hour, but this may vary depending on skill level.


Accessibility and Special Requirements

Are your games wheelchair accessible?

Many of our escape room games are wheelchair accessible, and are designed to allow up to 2 wheelchair users in the room at once. We advise contacting your local Escape Hunt to find out more about their facilities, and which games are best suited to the needs of your group.

Additional needs and access requirements

We aim to make our games as accessible as possible and inclusive to all who want to enjoy them. We allow carers to accompany customers with disabilities in the game free of charge, and we also allow assistance dogs in the game rooms.

Our Doctor Who: A Dalek Awakens game allows those who are blind, visually impaired or deaf to take part. Should you need to bring a carer or guide dog with you, or if you are deaf, blind or visually impaired we advise contacting your local Escape Hunt team to let them know, so that they can ensure that the appropriate provisions are in place to make your visit as comfortable as possible and answer any questions that you have specific to your situation.

Can I play if I’m pregnant?

Of course – the more the merrier! Our games masters monitor every game on CCTV so if you want to leave the room just let them know and you’ll be free in moments. If you’ve any specific worries then we suggest you speak to a health professional or GP before playing.

Can I play if I’m claustrophobic?

Absolutely. Our games rooms aren’t particularly confined, and our games masters are always on hand to release you the moment you want to leave.

Can I play if I have a medical condition such as epilepsy?

Some of our games make use of special effects, including smoke machines, strobe lighting and lasers. If you have any medical conditions that may be affected, or indeed any medical conditions at all that we need to be aware of (including allergies), please be sure to let site teams know when making a booking.


Can I purchase gift vouchers?

Of course! Who wouldn’t love to receive a gift voucher for the most exciting experience they’ll have all year? Visit the gift vouchers page, located in the footer of our website for more info.

How long do your gift vouchers last?

Both our Download, Print & Play, and Standard Experience vouchers last for 12 months from date of purchase.

How much do your gift vouchers cost?

From highly immersive Escape Rooms through to Download, Print and Play games to play in the comfort of your home, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

We currently offer two types of voucher:

  • Download, Print & Play Games – Only valid for Download, Print and Play games.
    • Starting from £14.99
  • Standard Experiences – These vouchers are valid for Escape Rooms, Outdoor Games and Virtual Reality Experiences. (exc Download, Print & Play)
    • Starting from £20

What is the difference between a Download, Print & Play Gift Voucher vs a Standard Experiences gift voucher?

Our Download, Print and Play Gift vouchers are exclusively valid for the following games.

  • Robot Rescue: EH-Ric
  • Day of the Dead
  • Doctor Who: The Hollow Planet
  • Level Up
  • The School of Magic
  • Stolen
  • The Treasure of the Aztecs
  • Murder at the Mansion
  • A Curious Tea Party

They are not valid for Escape Rooms, Outdoor Games and Virtual Reality Experiences. Our Standard Experience Gift Vouchers are valid for all other Escape Hunt Experiences including Escape Rooms, Outdoor Games and Virtual Reality Experiences but will not be valid for purchase of our Download, Print & Play games.