EH Dark Site Alert


Following the recent announcement regarding the COVID-19 crisis, as of today we have been asked to temporarily shut all Escape Hunt venues in Australia. We are of course highly supportive of this requirement as it is clearly in the interest of public health for us to close our doors.

Escape Hunt exists to be open, to lift spirits and create happy, shared memories through entertainment. We’ll be working to keep that spirit uplifted even though our venues are closed.

This is a tragic chapter that we know will soon pass. We can’t wait to be welcoming you again to experience our adventures. Here’s to that. Stay safe.

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New to escape rooms? Try A Timely Escape!
Up for more of a challenge? Choose Murder in the Cellar, The Rising Alchemist (NEW!) or The Lost Weapon(advanced).
Want to compete head-to-head in duplicate rooms? Go for A Timely Escape (beginner) or The Lost Weapon (advanced).

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