Gift giving season is pretty much all year long. Instead of spending a whole day wrapping presents, why don’t you give adventure a try! What’s more enjoyable than personally planning an away day? We’ve listed down some activities to guide you.

  • Smash Room Dubai – This is a daring version of a spa day. You’ll be shocked at how good it feels to just smash things around!

The shattering effect is everything.

  • Flip out Dubai -Talk of the biggest trampoline park in Dubai with so many fun activities to offer. This venue is a jackpot if you want to surprise the younger ones. They will get to team up with other kids and do all the flips and tricks they wouldn’t do at home. Some of the activities included are;
    • Parkour
    • Dodge ball
    • Foam pit
    • 3D wall running

  • Escape Hunt Dubai – We know how hard it can be to find the perfect gift for your loved ones. Escape Hunt is the perfect gift for every one, and definitely the best way to spend with your dearest.

Unlock an adrenaline packed hour of Escape Hunting and give the gift of captivity. The incredible team of Game Masters work to ensure that each customer has a unique and enjoyable experience no matter how diverse.

    • Kids activities – Our indoor activities are the perfect way to spend with your kids, whether it’s a school trip, birthday party, or a family day out, our staff can go from running a birthday party straight into an engagement party.

    • Social Parties – Shift things up from the traditional parties and enjoy an hour of thrilling game play. Work together, beat the clock and  break free then celebrate right after in our classy lounge!

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  • TEPfactor Dubai -This mind-blowing adventure should be at the top of your list of experiences. With up to 21 challenges to put your fitness, logic and skill to the ultimate test.

All you need is a team, good spirit and determination.

  • The void – The most immersive virtual reality destination which allows you to travel to your favorite film, be your favorite character and experience the impossible. Some of the experiences are;
    • Star Wars- Secrets of the empire
    • Ghostbusters
    • Nicodemus