That way you can enjoy the full Escape Hunt experience without any rush.


Got bags, phones or laptops? We’ll take care of them so there no need to worry.


We humbly beg you not to share the secrets of your escape. Oh, and no pictures please!


Is it feasible for everyone?

Our game has been designed for the greatest number and has no physical or scary aspect, so you will be able to perform all tasks of the game proposed without fear or risk.

Some of our rooms can accommodate people in wheelchairs. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly to confirm your arrival and to advise on the most suitable scenario.

In which languages are games available?

Here is the list of our scenarios available in English:
      – Jack the Ripper

  • The Robbery of Saint-Emilion
  • Murder at the Port of the Moon

Are we really locked up?

You are not stuck inside the room. First of all, an emergency button is available near the entrances. In addition, a game master is present during the game and can intervene in the event of problems.

Can I come with children?

Under 8 years old: strict ban. Between 8 and 12 years old: not recommended.
From 12 years old: permitted with at least one adult in the team.

WHY? The complexity of some puzzles requires the majority presence of older people as well as the legal risk. From 15 years old, players can therefore come without adults to fully enjoy the experience of playing our Escape Game in Lille.


Depending on my level, which game do you recommend?

For beginners, we recommend the Mystery of Saint Emilion. For more experienced players, we recommend Jack the Ripper or the Manor!

What if one of the players has something come up and can’t make it in the end?

No refund possible, you can always find a replacement.

Are we going to be filmed?

The game is followed by the cameras arranged in game rooms. They do not record anything but allow us to follow you during your game!

I haven’t received the confirmation email!

The e-mail may arrive in a few minutes. Remember to check your spam folder. If you think your e-mail address is incorrect, contact us directly

Do you have a food & drinks menu?

Yes, we serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on site as well as tapas for you to eat on site. Contact us or view our menu: view here

Can you play in a wheelchair?

We have two game themes accessible to people with reduced mobility:
– Murder at the port of the moon

– Jack the Ripper
Contact us before your arrival.

Can I play whilst pregnant?

Absolutely because you can leave the game at any time. Remember that a Game Master monitors you during the game.


5 people maximum in a room… is 6 possible?

For H.H. Holmes Manor, you can have 6 to 8 detectives. For other rooms: a rule is a rule.


For reasons of safety and comfort when playing we are required to respect this rule. In this case, book two identical rooms and compete against each other!

What if I need to book 2 rooms or more?

Not valid for the manor of H.H. Holmes because there is only one room, you just have to start by reserving the first room. Once your details are indicated, you will be able to add a second room to your cart before making the payment.

Do I have to pay on-line for everyone?

Our rooms are private! We will never fill your room with strangers.

You can book and pay for 2 people/room and then end up with 5 people/room. You, or your friends, will pay the difference on site.

Can we pay with holiday vouchers?

Yes, that’s possible. Insofar as any booking requires a payment in advance, you have to come to our premises to make the booking on site, before the session date.

Can I change my booking?

You can change your booking up to 5 days minimum in advance: we can move your booking or add additional players (they can pay on site, subject to the spaces available).


Detectives missing the call or groups not showing up will

not be reimbursed.