Looking for a Christmas gift idea that is sure to please? 

Two weeks before Christmas, you are cursing yourself for being part of the last minute team and not having looked for gifts earlier. Stop torturing yourself, this top is made for you.


Offer a shared moment

Take advantage of the end-of-year period to get together and share good times with loved ones.

A virtual reality adventure

Virtual room

Treat your whole family to a unique virtual reality adventure and board for a journey through time and space at Virtual Room! In teams of 2 to 4 people, find yourselves inside virtual worlds specially designed by their own development studio.

4 missions are currently on offer:

A Christmas gift idea that will please everyone. 



An escape game 

idée cadeau noel chèque escape hunt

Offer your loved ones an escape game and immerse them for an hour in one of our many worlds. Valid throughout France and Belgium for 24 months, our gift boxes contain a puzzle, an escape game session for 2 to 5 players and two other surprises. Will you be clever enough to solve the mysteries of the rooms?

You can find Escape Hunt establishments in the largest cities of France :



Games to play by the fireplace at home

Would you rather stay at home and keep warm? We offer several game scenarios to print out and play directly from your sofa! Repair a robot or go to a magical school or to Wonderland, our destinations are just waiting for adventurers who are ready to go.

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A christmas gift idea you might not have thought of 

Give an unusual or practical gift

Looking for an original Christmas gift idea? Take a look at the Raffineurs website. They offer a selection of gift ideas for all prices and tastes. Whether it’s decoration, kitchen tools, or unusual gadgets, you’re sure to find something to please everyone.



Chocolates in a different form

Chocolates are a classic Christmas gift, but you can easily mark the occasion by giving a box of unusual chocolates. For example, a camembert or a chocolate sausage! You’re not dreaming, it does exist and you can find it on the bienmanger.com website, along with other products such as chocolates with balsamic cream. Is that a bit too unusual for you? Perhaps you’d prefer to give chocolate in a different way, such as with an individual candle fondue kit (NOT to be shared), a new way to treat someone.


We hope this top has given you some ideas for your holiday gifts and wish you all a very happy holiday season!