Print & play games designed for the Virtual World

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Teams work together using a combination of print and digital materials to achieve their mission guided by their expert Games Master host.


  Fun team building

  Simple – all you need to do is dial in


  Levelling activity


Skill based learning:

  Verbal communication

  Problem solving

  Critical thinking

  Time pressured thinking

What you need

  • Desktop/laptop device (phones/tablets can be used, but not recommended due to screen size)
  • Download Zoom software here
  • Internet connection
  • Notepad/pen to note down anything relevant along the way
  • Printer and scissors to print the pack


How to play

  • Print your pack before the game
  • Login to your private Zoom session, we’ll send everything through to you after booking
  • Your expert Escape Hunt Games Master will brief you on your game and then its up to you to beat the clock


 How many: 6 per team, multiple groups possible
 How long: 90 mins including brief and debrief
 How much: £90 per team

Level Up

Welcome to Level One …
When you discover a mysterious old console from the 1980s in the attic, a dangerous computer virus hiding in the software starts to escape.
Through a combination of printed puzzles and online hacking, can you play your way through the retro levels and shut the console down before the virus gets out?
It’s your job to hack into the mainframe, attack the computer virus and Level Up!

Murder at the mansion

A classic ‘Whodunit’ mystery!
Murder at the Mansion takes you, a distant descendant and sole heir to the family fortune, back to the fateful night of a lavish party at the old Blackwood estate, following which Lord Blackwood’s body was discovered. The crime was never solved.
Can you put the suspects under the microscope to discover who did it, where and with what? Sift through the evidence, listen to witness statements, and step deep into a world of mystery and intrigue.
Sift through the evidence and step deep into a world of mystery and intrigue!

The Treasure of the Aztecs

Can you decipher ancient aztec clues to find Montezuma’s lost treasure?
A team of archaeologists at the Mexico City Museum have uncovered a treasure trove of ancient texts and on close inspection, it looks like they point the way to Emperor Montezuma’s legendary lost treasure.
But the texts won’t give up their secrets easily, only the greatest minds of our age stand a chance at unraveling them… The race is on to crack the texts and make the find of the century.
Will you discover a gold hoard beyond your wildest imagination?


Five priceless treasures, five notorious thieves … can you catch them in time?
Take on the role as one of Scotland Yard’s finest detectives as you hunt down the suspects behind the world’s most audacious heist!
Five priceless treasures have been stolen across London and the five dastardly thieves have escaped the police’s clutches once more. But intelligence has it that they will strike again soon. Can you work your way through the evidence and reveal which thief stole which item and where they’ll strike next?
Detectives, download and print the evidence – it’s up to you now!

The School of Magic

Wands at the ready, Witches and Wizards!
Brackendel School of Magic needs you!
It’s graduation day and your whole school is gearing up for a big celebration. But without warning, your school comes under attack by a powerful practitioner of the mystic arts.
Can you and your fellow classmates save the school before it’s too late?