Team Builder

Our Team Builder package will be the talk of the office for months. If your hardworking staff deserve a reward then nothing beats the thrill of Escape Hunt.

We make you earn your freedom, throwing all manner of devious and dastardly red herrings, dead ends and misdirections your way. It’s completely immersive, utterly addictive and totally entertaining.

An Escape Hunt experience is a brilliant springboard for your own team development discussions, for sparking creativity or simply a great way to round off a day of off-site presentations with a fun team experience. After the buzz of Escape Hunt, other corporate entertainment just feels flat.


What’s included?

– A dedicated Games Master to co-ordinate your event

– 60 mins escape game play

– Exclusive 30 mins brief and debrief in our corporate lounge

– Further 60 mins use of corporate lounge

– AV presentation equipment, Wi-Fi and stationery

– 1 bar drink per person

– Unlimited tea, coffee and water


For more info, download our corporate events pack.

  • Players 6-30
  • Duration 2+ Hours
  • Price Thurs-Sun, 10.00 - 22.00 £30 per person
  • Wheelchair Accessible Max 2 wheelchair users per room Yes
  • Call us 0330 118 0622