Time’s already ticking – a known terrorist wants to destroy your city and only your team can help.

It’s down to your team to become the ultimate detectives and hacking agents in this multi-platform immersive adventure. Work together in this thrilling mission to diffuse the bomb and eliminate the threat.

Our expert games masters will be online to host your full experience as you race against the clock to save your city!

Benefits to you

• Fun and inclusive
• Encourages connection
• Drives motivation
• Increases engagement
• Improves communication
• Promotes problem solving
• Develops critical thinking under pressure

What you need

• Desktop/laptop device
• Zoom link/software
• Mobile/Tablet device to download game app
• Internet connection – Website test required ahead of game to ensure all players can access game material
• Pen & paper

How to play

• We’ll send you everything you need after you’ve booked including Zoom meeting links and gaming materials
Teams: We’ll create and randomise all your teams. Talk to our sales team for other team options

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