Track the international fugitives and recover the stolen items.

A robbery has taken place and the international fugitives are on the run in New Zealand.

They plan to sell the stolen items in 60 minutes to a predetermined buyer.

As detectives, you must discover the location of the exchange and the identity of the buyer. Time is running out on this fugitive hunt.

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  • How many 2 – 30
  • How long 60 minutes
  • How old U15s must be accompanied by an adult PG (7+)
  • Wheelchair access Please call venue to confirm details Yes


Step into a new world

All our games take place in brilliantly themed rooms designed with incredible attention to detail


Get locked in and clued up

Once the door slams shut you must work together to solve a series of fiendishly clever clues


Beat the clock and break out!

You’ve just one hour of pulse-racing excitement to win your freedom – if you can!