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We fully appreciate the concerns surrounding COVID-19 and appreciate the impact this might have on your time with us here at Escape Hunt. To reassure you, we take the safety of both our customers and our team members extremely seriously and all our sites adhere to the recommended hygiene standards to help limit the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

We are now closed effectively since March 14th onward until further notice.



Escape rooms promote teamwork by offering multiple puzzles that will be impossible to solve without working together. They let you focus on your creativity to get through the different riddles. When you first walk into an escape room, hopefully, the first thing you notice is their theme. Some of the puzzles may not look like puzzles, even after you inspect them, this requires using creativity and problem-solving techniques to discover how the puzzle is meant to be solved.

Regarding Certified professional trainer programs, quotations will be calculated according to the number of participants in the program, as each participant will be entitled to the following:

  • Usage and enjoyment of the majority of Escape Hunt’s facilities including The Luxe late Victorian themed lounge Common area.
  • Indulging Bar counter complementary hot/cold drinks, water and luscious Bite size pastries and Canapés.
  • The full experience of our Ultimate Live Escape Games.
  • The benefits of the exclusive personality analysis function.
  • Wire and wireless internet services.


Amenities for CPTP & CPE:


  • A Luxe late Victorian themed lounge
  • Complimentary Hot/Cold drinks and Water
  • luscious Bite size pastries & Canapés
  • Proper settings & Table preferences
  • writing paraphernalia
  • Private lavatories for both genders
  • Tranquil air-conditioned venue

Multimedia equipment:

  • A big screen TV
  • Laptop
  • microphone
  • sound system

wire and wireless internet


  • Email us or call us +965 90022644
  • Players 5-25
  • Duration 2-4 HOURS
  • Charges: An overall charge of XX KD per participant per day is quoted for the CPTP. Coming from our understanding of the different nature, needs and diversity of the Certified professional trainer programs, we can quote accordingly with a flexible and holistic approach.