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The Escape Hunt Experience is expanding every day and as a global leader of the genre of indoor and outdoor entertainment known as “escape games” or “exit games”, we are already a truly global company with branches established in 46 cities and 27 countries worldwide.

Whether you call them “escape games”, “exit games”, “puzzle escape rooms” or “escape the room” games, we offer our own brand of indoor and outdoor entertainment from Sydney to Singapore, Bangkok to Brussels.  We offer literally hundreds of escape rooms worldwide, all with different game themes, and we are now entering new territory with outdoor, mobile and off-site games.

If it’s about escape games, detectives, solving puzzles, a luxurious lounge, a murder mystery night out and most of all adrenalin-fuelled fun…. it’s about us!


The whole story started in April 2013 when our Founder and CEO, who still works everyday in the business, had the idea of setting up a true escape game “experience”.

Seeing other early types of escape game develop in some cities, he decided to take things to a new level and create a true experience for guests.  The first branch opened in Bangkok on July 15th that year and was an instant hit!  With rave reviews everywhere, it soon became the number 1 attraction in Bangkok on TripAdvisor.

It wasn’t long before Singapore branch opened, closely followed by Jakarta, Sydney, Perth and many more branches all over the world. We now have a presence in nearly every major city worldwide.


We have operational headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand and will soon open management offices in Europe and the USA. Our offices at Bhiraj Tower in the stunning EmQuartier district of Bangkok is the world operational hub and also the location of our Escape Hunt Game Design Academy (EH GDA).

This is also where we run the overall business with marketing and IT, support the branch network worldwide and come up with all our ideas.  The EH GDA has a growing team of game designers, graphic designers and creative writers  who all contribute as a closely knit team to the process.

We also have our Escape Hunt Technology Design Centre (EH TDC), also known as “EH Magic”, based in Thessaloniki, Greece.  It is here we design and make all the sensory and puzzle-based gadgets and technology that makes our games so unique.

Summary Biographies of the Senior Management Team


The Founder and CEO of The Escape Hunt Experience is a UK national who has lived in Asia for over 12 years but travels the world regularly. He founded The Escape Hunt Experience and has grown it to what it is today. He holds a starred first Masters’ Degree from Cambridge University, UK in Modern Languages & Psychology and subsequently had a career in sales, marketing, management and strategy consulting. He has always had a passion for puzzles, games and people-watching. He lives with his wife, son and two Bichon Frise dogs in their home city of Bangkok.

Our Director at The Escape Hunt Experience is a UK national, serial entrepreneur and successful international businessman who has spent the last 30 years in Asia. He cut his teeth in Silicon Valley in the early 1980s while his classmates were in lessons and has since then founded and successfully built many IT, sports and media businesses. He focuses a wealth of experience to help build Escape Hunt. He currently spends his time between Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

Our Senior Operations Manager has worked in education and international development in managerial and consulting roles throughout Asia, Europe and the United States, including on the successful launch of franchise branches in China and in the early stages of one of the world’s top 10 most innovative education companies according to Fast Company magazine. She holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University in New York and considers Thailand her second home. She is a passionate debater and champion of equality in her spare time.

Another Senior Operations Manager is Thai/American, grew up in the US, and has been permanently based in Bangkok since 2009. He has held many senior operational and management positions both in the US and Thailand, mainly in the medical, health and fitness, retail and manufacturing industries. He has worked for Fortune 50 companies, startups and small and medium companies. He holds a Bachelor’s in Business and an MBA with honours from the University of Michigan, USA.

The Head of Graphic Design is an Uzbek national who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from the Architecture and Building University of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. He has extensive experience working for large international companies in Dubai, UAE. He has taken on challenging work in many different fields such as printing and publishing, advertising, events and retail. He specialises in concept development, 3D design and video animation.

The Head of Technology is a Thai National and holds a graduate degree in science from Mahidol University International College, Thailand, majoring in Food Sciences and Technology. He is a technologies enthusiast and is always interested in developing things from the very beginning. He has worked with teams from Tech-companies such as LalaMove and Über in the early stage to set up services for Bangkok. He has broad knowledge in many different fields from travelling and meeting people from various parts of the world.

Our Head of Game Design is a Thai national who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. She has created nearly 40 Escape Hunt games so far with rave reviews. Since she was young she has loved books, photography, food and movies. She is a fiction freelance author for a famous Thai publishing company. She has a passion for games and puzzles and is always interested in learning new skills and experimenting in various fields.