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Perth, Australia: A Truly Fascinating City

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October 1, 2015 by in category Blog with 0 and 0

Many people go to Australia as students or tourists, aiming to see Sydney or Melbourne on the East coast, which are both filled with a variety of attractions including shopping centers, restaurants and entertainment services and not to mention, beautiful scenery! The 2 cities are much talked about amongst travelers from all over the globe. However, on the West side of Australia, there is a charming city called “Perth” – unquestionably another must see destination in this lovely country.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia. This urban area offers more activities and wonders for the globetrotters who have not had enough of the Down Under. While Perth may not be able to compare with the 2 infamous sisters in size, this allows you to walk or take the CAT (Central Area Transit) which is available for free around the city. Perth City Tramways run between all main attractions and is a very comfortable choice of transportation.

One of the significant landmarks worth visit is the Kings Park, located uphill in the centre of the city. From Kings Park Hotel, the view of Perth is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. For art and history aficionados, Perth offers a wide range of museums and galleries such as “Western Australian Museum” where the collection of Western Australian history, original tribal settlement and intriguing historic events of nature, can be found. The Small World Museum exhibits an amassment of tiny models and the Art Gallery of Western Australia hold a vast variety of artistic masterpieces and exhibitions. Wandering downtown, you will see the classic “London Court”–the tudor-styled buildings constructed before World War II–which is now stands as a favorite shopping mall for the locals and tourists.

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