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One Day Trip in Lisbon, Portugal

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Imagine you are soaking in the Lisbon sun, and enjoying the sea breeze, thousands of years ago. It is not hard to imagine the riches and wealth pouring into the harbor via ancient ships lead by Homer’s mythical epic hero, Odysseus. Despite the almost indisputable fact that it was the Phoenetians who were the first people of Lisbon, the legend of Odysseus refuses to die. According to legend, Odysseus founded the city of Lisbon on his 10 year journey back to Troy an his lovely wife Penelope. He established the city as the historical landmark it still is today.

In addition to Lisbon’s long interesting history, there are many recommended places for tourists to visit. The Gulbenkian Museum houses over 3,000 artifacts and artworks from the Roman and Greek empires. The newly expanded Museum of Design and Fashion offers an eclectic mix of exhibits portraying the history of 20th-century design and fashion and a fantastic collection of modern art.  If you are looking for fun more suitable for the whole family, you should visit the Lisbon Oceanarium. This is one of the largest indoor aquariums in Europe, with more than 8,000 fish, birds, mammals and ocean invertebrates.  The main exhibit is a giant tank with four large acrylic windows on its sides, and smaller focus windows strategically located around to offer incredible views of ocean life. You can easily spend 3-4 hours looking around the exhibition.

After learning about this beautiful city, and visiting some of its historical sites, be sure to visit Lisbon’s newest and most exciting attraction, The Escape Hunt Experience Lisbon! This ultimate live escape game will test your detective and problem solving skills, while ensuring a fun time for you and the whole family.

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