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Harajuku Youth Culture in Tokyo

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Harajuku is a must-see shopping area in Shibuya, Tokyo, catering especially to the young and trendy. This area around Harajuku Station rose in popularity in the 1980s as a hot spot for teenage street performers, when pedestrian-only Sundays drew in large crowds to enjoy live music and street dancing.

Nowadays, Harajuku is the place to go to check out Japanese street fashion. You will see elaborately-dressed Gothic Lolita girls, for example, as well as crowds of amazed tourists taking photos of the fashion-obsessed Japanese teenagers hanging out on Harajuku streets. From ever-popular Takeshita Street to the meandering backstreets of Ura-Hara, you’ll find all manner of styles and fads available from independent boutiques to international chains. You can take a relaxing break from shopping and people-watching at nearby famous Meiji Shrine or Yoyogi Park.

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