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Fraser Island: A historic and exquisite isle in Brisbane

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October 20, 2015 by in category Blog with 0 and 0

Australia is a large country and there are many beautiful places to visit. Today we’re taking you to easternmost part of Australia. Fraser Island is part of the Queensland state, situated around 200 kilometres from the state capital of Brisbane. Covering an area of around 1,840 square kilometres, Lake Bowarrady, which lies on the Northern part of Fraser Island, is the world’s largest perched lake. The reason why it is called a “perched  lake” is because its geographical position is higher than the surrounding areas. Another exotic feature of the lake is the colouring of the water around the edges of the lake. As a result of the ample tannin naturally occurring in the lake, the edges of the water look red.

On the eastern coast of Fraser Island, is the historic attraction called the ‘Wreck of the Maheno’.  The S.S. Maheno was an ocean liner that operated in the Tasman Sea, crossing between New Zealand and Australia, from 1905 to 1935.  It was also used as a hospital ship by the New Zealand Naval Forces during World War I.  In 1935 it was hit by a cyclone and washed ashore on Fraser Island, where it remains today. Its disintegrating hull continues to be one of the island’s most popular tourist attractions.

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