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Asian Civilizations Museum, Singapore

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October 8, 2015 by in category Blog with 0 and 0

Our destination today, is the Asian Civilizations Museum (ACM) located on the bank of the Singapore River.

The first section is the galleries. They are sub-divided into five sections. The second to the fifth sections are organized under the theme of different regions and countries: Southeast Asia, West Asia, China and South Asia. One of the most popular exhibits is the model of the Pejeng drum in the Southeast Asia room. Despite being called a drum, this artifact is actually a wheel of a chariot. According to a Balinese legend, the chariot was used to pull the moon so that it would move through the sky.

Apart from the galleries, the ACM contains a zone called Explore Asia. This section allows you to not only to view the physical objects, but actually to take up a variety of activities as well. For example, in an old tea-house section, you can dress up like a waiter or a merchant. The house is a traditional residence of the locals on Sulawai Island, Indonesia. There are many, many other exciting things to find in this museum and we encourage you to visit them all!

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