A magic portal has opened and mystical creatures have broken through. Can you close the portal and save the world from chaos?


Step back in time to a world of mystical trolls and mythical beasts, separated from mankind via a series of magic portals, each guarded by a trusted goblin Gate Keeper.

Rumour has it that one of the portals in Adelaide has broken, after the Gate Keeper fell into a deep sleep. Mystical creatures have escaped and are roaming the streets, wreaking havoc and getting up to no good.

According to an ancient legend, the power of three magic crystals is the only thing strong enough to fix a broken portal.

You have 75 minutes to roam the streets of Adelaide, find the crystals, close the portal and save the world from destruction. Humanity is depending on you.



This game is ideal for families with children! Designed for the whole family to be involved, this is the ultimate family activity.

Once you arrive for your mission you will be set up with an iPad and action pack. After the safety briefing you will be given your assignment and the clock begins.

Please note that this outdoor game takes you on approximately a 1.2km walk, so we advise wearing comfortable footwear. This game is perfect for families with kids, but there MUST be an adult paying player. One team member will be required to leave ID at Escape Hunt until you return from your mission.

Don’t forget, after 75  minutes it’s game over. You’ll then head back to HQ to finalise your mission in our bar & lounge.

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  • How many per team? 2-6
  • How long? 75 minutes
  • Difficulty Rating Medium - Family Friendly
  • How much? $28pp