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We’ve implemented a range of new procedures and updated our terms and conditions in order to be COVID-Safe under the SA Government’s recovery plan as well as to look after our staff and of course, you!

To read the full list of changes, click HERE.

For those not quite ready to head out and about, we still have our exciting, Play at Home Games for you to enjoy.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.

Your Escape Hunt Team


Choose your adventure

Choose from one of our immersive, five-star rated escape games, or our new citywide outdoor games. Are you ready to Escape Hunt?

Each brilliantly imaginative game takes place in a themed room designed with incredible attention to detail so you can really lose yourself in the experience. Are you ready to step into the game?

Our immersive citywide outdoor game incorporates the puzzles and code-cracking elements of an escape room with the latest in augmented reality and geolocation technology, without the confines of a physical room.